Monday, September 5, 2011

Teaching Peace

"I have just come from the marketplace, and I am troubled." said the student. "The men there, they quarrel, and fight over the smallest of things."

"Why does this trouble you?" asked the teacher.

"I want these men to know peace," replied the student. "We should teach them our ways."

"We cannot teach someone that does not want to learn," replied the teacher. "Let me ask you, what is required for the world to be at peace?"

"Well, we would need peace among the nations," answered the young man.

"Agreed," replied the teacher. "Then what?"

"We need peace among the cities and towns," said the student. "We also need peace in our neighborhoods and homes. Then, peace among all people, as individuals."

"All true," said the teacher. "Now tell me, where does peace begin?"

"It begins with me," replied the student.

"Well done," said the teacher. "Peace is innate, it does not need to be taught. It only needs to be practiced."